Specifications & Quality Standards
The project is based on the latest technology in the field of optical cable, in partnership with CISCO, to ensure the highest standards of quality, and provide the largest data capacities available through the adoption of DWDM technology.
Around 109 communications centers were deployed throughout Iraq to ensure delivery of services to all cities.
The installation depth is up to 3 m, and this is double what all countries of the world do, which provides greater protection of the cable, and prevents the intersection with any other infrastructure work.
In terms of power capacity, the project is equipped with the latest generators designed to withstand the atmosphere of Iraq and the region with high-capacity (DC) power supplies to ensure the operation and the devices in any location for 10 hours in emergency without the need for any external source, to ensure the safety of devices and to continue operating in the fullest possible conditions.
The data centers of the project have been implemented according to American and European standards, non-flammable and fire-fighting materials have been approved.
The project adopts the principle of protection by providing an alternative device for each stage of data transmission.
The project adopts multiple optical cable paths in order to ensure the stability of services even in the case of concurrent segments.
Network supports programmatically defined network technology. (Software Defined Network)
The project is based on linking all cables to the international access gates of the Ministry of Communications.