About Iraq National Backbone

Project’s Mission

Creating a developed international digital podium based on a high-capacity fiber optic infrastructure network, enabling Iraq to have a secure government network which will establish active e-government, the project also aims to make internet accessible to all Iraqis at high speeds and low prices , and finally to connect the world digitally through Iraq by transiting the international capacities.


Project Vision

Putting Iraq in the rank of developed countries by getting benefit from the project to make the country a producer of data and information and thus knowledge rather than a consumer, which will be the cornerstone for economy and community development as well as the growth of the national security by providing the necessary infrastructure for a better defense mechanism.

Symphony Company: Iraqi company investing in communications technology and the Internet.

JLT: Is a UAE company owned by Iraqis, having branch in Iraq registered with the registrar of Iraqi companies, investing in communications technology and the Internet.


about the companies who are responsible for the project:

Symphony Company: Iraqi company investing in communications technology and the Internet.



We are very proud to have this giant project to be entirely planned, designed and implemented by Iraqis 100%.

The project has brought together many experienced Iraqi talents from different fields of engineering, management and technical, from the staff of the SCIS and other investing companies’ staff investing who proved their capability by the completion of the project in record time, meeting the schedule of work and implementing 100% of the 1st Phase, despite all the obstacles that faced the project to slow down its progress.

Project officials believe that young staff is a great asset for Iraq, and by training and developing their capacities, the can guarantee a better tomorrow. The project relied heavily on the young staff, supported by professional expertise to guide and train them to be the backbone of the present and shape the future.