The IQB Project offers excellent services, suitable prices and a new start to the future.


Eng. Ali Al-Qasab, General Manager of the General Company for International Information Network Services, said that the IQB Project provides high-quality service characterized by speed and stability through SCIS network, 100% secure and at reasonable prices supported by the Ministry.


He pointed to the existence of an independent governmental network linking all ministries and state institutions (“e-government”).


He pointed to the preparation and preparation of a study to provide a special service to the citizen through the provision of a family-friendly quality Internet that meets the needs of the Iraqi family.


He pointed out that the launch of the marketing of the services of the IQB Project and the granting of agencies to companies equipped, including owners of towers through 2000 cabins distributed throughout the provinces of Iraq and each cabin serving 2000 subscribers.


He added that the service began to improve gradually, especially after the pilot operation of the IQB Project on 22/3/2018.


It addressed to the international access gates project, which was operated at most border crossings

Al-Qassab mentioned that 80% of the country’s incoming capacities pass through the internet portals and that 20% have only technical procedures and all the capacities of Iraq are fully controlled.


He pointed out that devices were installed in the gates to help locate suspicious sites and also close any site that affects the fabric of society, through cooperation with the competent security services.


In terms of social networking sites, the Director General of the General Company for Services of the International Information Network said there is a mechanism to identify the sites that conflict with personal freedom and eliminate them in coordination with the National Security Service, as well as to stop electronic attacks and access to anyone who uses the Internet in cases of violence and organized crime.


He said that the company is working to deliver the fiber for each house and is concerned with providing the best services to citizens and government institutions.